This is a personal blog I have been working on to brush up on my mobile phone photography and English writing skills and to get myself off of social media.

I am Mianne, a frustrated traditional artist and a freelance writer. Most of the time, you’d find me struggling through Metro Manila’s harsh traffic conditions either trying to make my way to the office or just trying to get myself home. Other times, you’d find me at home in front of my laptop, trying to meet my deadlines over a cup of coffee or lying on my bed with my phone in hand, just doing whatever I could.

What should you expect on my blog? A lot of things going on in my life because this is, after all, intended to be an appropriate place to share my thoughts. You might read about my thoughts on the lectures I took on Udemy about digital marketing or web development, starting on a new hobby, going places and taking random photos, eating, playing games, listening to music, giving reviews on movies or dramas I have been watching and many others.

Do you have questions? Inquiries? Feel free to use the form below to reach out to me.