Loading Up on Stock Knowledge

Close friends know my educational background, why I made those decisions and how I am making up for my lack of degree.

I came across these magazines while buying RTD coffee at Family Mart after my shift at the office. They were exactly what I needed.

I have always been wanting to start my own business but I’m no entrepreneur. No business major. No background in accounting or whatsoever. MagBook’s Start Your Own Successful Business issue provides details on everything I will need to know about starting a business from picking the right business name to getting your business to your target market.

Also, I have always wanted to do touch-up for my photos. Unfortunately, aside from PicsArt and Instagram filters, I have no other way to do it. I figured, I needed Photoshop. But how? This Photoshop for Beginners issue looks quite helpful at this point especially for someone like me who is looking to build her personal and business website. I like making my graphics with a personal touch. So, yea.

Can’t wait to share what I’ll be learning from these new resources!


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