Divisoria Trip and Hauls!

I scheduled a visit to Divisoria today. Yes, just right after payday. And you know what that means? Shopping hauls. But then of course, I tried my very best to stick to my list and budget. My very best.

1. Brick Bear keychain

I have been looking for a Brick Bear keychain for months. Who knew I’d be able to find it in Divisoria’s 168 Mall? Yey to new home for my unit keys!

2. New shorts

I started having a thing for gartered denim boxer shorts. Got a black one this time. Quite cheaper than my first one bought at St. Francis Square for 400Php.

3. Lazy pod

Literally lazy. Clipped it to my work desk. Perfect for watching my lecture videos while doing some writing works!

4. Animal print phone case

Same as the old phone case I got for my phone case months ago. Only quite cheaper by 150Php.

5. Gundam model kits and tools

Yes. You read it right. Gundams. Itchy hands made me buy two. After receiving suggestions from friends who are into Gunpla, I ended up getting these 1/100 Daban models. 

I also got my own set of tools.

Not quite sure when will I be able to start with my first kit (most likely to be the Aegis), but hopefully this will give me an opportunity to take a break from hours of working.

Will this count me in as 30% male now?


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