2017 Travel Board Project

My first out of town trip (literally without the ‘rents) happened in March 5, 2016, a day after I rendered my last day at work in my previous company. My teammate, Ate Edz, was my major influencer. My other teammate, Kuya Aljon was there too. The trip wasn’t too grand but it was definitely fun. The family trip to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte followed on March 24 and 25. It was the first time I set foot in Pagudpud, Bangui and many other towns in the Ilocandia region.

My 2016 trips made me think that there is a lot more to travelling than just visiting places.

This year, I decided to appreciate these experiences even more by starting a travel board project.

I looked through my phone’s gallery and my blogs for photos I have taken from my trips the had it printed after shift.

This year, I intend to put up a travel board that will allow me to appreciate my travel experiences and to encourage me to make more daytrips and long weekend travels.

Hopefully, I will be able to document the development of my project as I progress.


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