Kinkyori Renai (2014)

Nana Komatsu plays the child prodigy, Yuni, who fell for the well-loved English teacher, Haruka Sakurai, who was played by Tomohisa Yamashita.

My Review

*** Warning: Spoilers ahead ***

It lacks Haruka’s flirty characteristic. It lacks Yuni’s blunt but unwittingly cute and funny characteristics. Yuni was head over heels for Haruka, but Haruka realized his love almost past half the movie. Takizawa-sensei was not the lolicon sensei I was expecting. Yuni did not have that very, very quirky yet cool family which kinda disappoints me. They did not forget Haruka’s marriage proposal to Yuni though which I highly appreciate. But for me, there are missing pieces that should have made me go doki. I mean, Kinkyori Renai is one of my favorite mangas so I would know what would have filled in those missing pieces.


It’s Yamapi, yo!

But then again, this is Yamapi we are talking about. You can never go wrong with Yamapi in the movie credits; however, I would have appreciated it if Yamapi’s character had more of the ‘flirty-but-I-like-Yuni-so-much’ aura displayed by Haruka in the manga.


Doesn’t this hand gesture remind you of anything related to Yamapi’s old movies?

Still, it’s a good movie. A bit melodramatic than usual though. Things really have some Yamapi-feels in it (in reference to Yuni and Kikuko’s friendship pinky promise. Doesn’t it look like Yamapi’s ‘kon’ gesture?)


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