Going ga-ga over Tokyo Banana

I learned about Tokyo Banana back in years 2012 to 2013 after loitering around Instagram for hours trying to find something interesting. I had always been into anything Japanese from movies, dramas, cosplay and of course, food. I tried a lot of their sweet treats through friends and some Instagram online shops that sells them. Skip the Sakura matcha Kitkat for now (which I say is sooo yummy, I can’t forget how it triggered my palate for craving matcha-flavored foods.) I’m here to talk about the famous Tokyo Banana.

Instagram led me to meet a few sellers back then which eventually closed down. But just recently, I was able to find a store that still offers them. You may want to check out Japan Backyard Sale’s Instagram and send them a DM to confirm if they still sell Tokyo Banana. They don’t post about it anymore but inquiries don’t hurt as long as you ask politely. They used to have it in packs of 4 for original and caramel variants and box of 8 for the others.

Tokyo Banana is a souvenir sweet treat from, as the name states, Tokyo. It comes in different flavors and sometimes, different prints. I tried ordering the leopard print one, but I was never able to get it. Maybe it runs out of stock easily or just not available at that time. But I have already tasted the original, caramel, Ginza strawberry and the giraffe variant.

I have ordered the giraffe variant. I got it for under 1,000Php for a box of 8. (Expensive, I know. Unfortunately, if I have enough cash, I’m the type to always dig in for the new experience.) The sweet treat is packed really nicely in a plastic bag printed with the name. It is also wrapped in a cute pink-colored giraffe print glossy paper. The box is white with yellow print that also shows the name Tokyo Banana and a banana logo.

The best part is, inside, you will find individually-wrapped Tokyo Banana pieces and some cards showing other products offered by its manufacturers.


Individually-wrapped Tokyo Banana

It’s soft to the palate and not too sweet. The problem is, it runs out really fast once you open the box. You just can’t help yourself from opening another one. ORZ


Just within the size of my hand

Japan is indeed a country full of many awesome food! I am so looking forward to travelling there some day.


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